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ZLYGLSRCB078 (LSRCB-40-2D / LSRCB-60-2D...) Electric Rotary Angle Slide Table
  • ZLYGLSRCB078 (LSRCB-40-2D / LSRCB-60-2D...) Electric Rotary Angle Slide Table

    LSRCB-40-2D / LSRCB-60-2D/  LSRCB-80-2D  

    LSRCB-40-3D /  LSRCB-60-3D /  LSRCB-80-3D


    The electric sliding table is made of aluminum alloy to achieve lightness and high precision. The electric sliding table includes four types of in-line platforms, rotating platforms, horizontal Z-axis platforms, angle measuring platforms...etc. Through the use of cross roller guides, it has high rigidity and low friction to achieve precise control and fine movement. Each model is equipped with a photoelectric switch, which can be customized according to customer needs.

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