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ZLYGD3157 XYZ-dovetail (gear) slide table

ZLYGD3157 XYZ-dovetail (gear) slide table

D3-44-2D/ D3-46-2D/ D3-48-2D/ D3-410-2D/ D3-412-2D/ D3-414-2D

D3-44-3D / D3-46-3D / D3-48-3D / D3-410-3D / D3-412-3D / D3-414-3D


The dovetail slide table slides smoothly by the combination of gears and racks. The dovetail slide table is the simplest and basic type, which moves quickly and has the advantages of high bearing capacity, high rigidity, and anti-vibration. On the other hand, it has low precision due to the friction surface, which contains lead screws, tie rods and pinions, and goniometers. It is suitable for constant movement positioning and fast movement positioning. After installation, holding the upper palate to turn the moving handle will cause damage.

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