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ZLGR363  FRP Softener Vessels
  • ZLGR363 FRP Softener Vessels

    FRP Softener Vessels are ideal solutions for general commercial and industrial water treatment with essentially outstanding features of anti-corrosion and cost-effectiveness. Constructed by seamless Polyethylene and strengthened Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) liners, all vessels are roved by FRP filament and sealed with high quality epoxy resin. Zi Lian supplies a comprehensive series of NSF 44 certified FRP pressure vessels which are able to satisfy different needs and demanding requirements.


    • Vessels are constructed by food grade seamless Polyethylene and strengthened FRP liners, providing wide chemical compatibility.
    • Quality assurance is proved by NSF 44 certificate.
    • Vessels are widely compatible with commercial and industrial control valves.
    • Manways, side flanges, sight glasses and optional water distribution systems are available for customized requests.
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