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ZLYGLG056 Ball Type High Rigidity Series

ZLYGLG056 Ball Type High Rigidity Series

Since the lubricating oil in the C-Lube self-lubricating parts can maintain the lubricating performance for a long time, the cumbersome lubrication management man-hours are reduced.
Free combination
The slide block and the slide rail can be ordered separately, so the model, precision, preload, etc. can be freely matched. It is a high-dimensional interchangeable system product. It is maintenance-free only by replacing the slide block with the conventional freely interchangeable linear guide.
High Rigidity
This type of bearing is a ball type, and a C-Lube is built into the high-rigidity linear guide H, so the external dimension does not change and is compact.
Light and smooth sliding
C-Lube does not come into direct contact with the slide rail, so it achieves smooth and light sliding without increasing sliding resistance.
Ball fixation
The ball retainer is installed in the slide block, so even if the slide block is removed from the slide rail, the balls will not fall off, making assembly easy.
High dust-proof specification
There is a slide block with specially shaped side seals and bottom seals on the ground dedicated slide rail, which can give full play to the high dust-proof performance of the excellent dust-proof specification.

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