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ZLYGJVW230 Wide Cross Roller Guide JVW1/JVW2/JVW34/JVW4

ZLYGJVW230 Wide Cross Roller Guide JVW1/JVW2/JVW34/JVW4

  • Structure and Features

In the JV type of BSQ, a roller cage in which precision rollers are arranged perpendicular to each other is used in combination with a V-groove rolling surface provided on a dedicated rail. By assembling two rows of roller guide rails in parallel, the guide rail system can withstand loads in four directions. And, because preload can be applied to the cross roller guide, a highly rigid and light-moving slide mechanism without gaps can be obtained. Cross roller guides are widely used in office equipment and its peripheral machines, precision machines such as various testers, ED brush substrate drilling machines, or slide parts of optical testers, optical tables, manipulating mechanisms, and X-ray devices.

  • Smooth and smooth movement

BSQ's VR-type cross roller guideway is located on a high-precision guideway surface. In addition, the rollers are precisely dimensioned and mounted obliquely in the cage, resulting in low rolling resistance and smooth motion without stagnation.

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