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ZLYGJVT231 Micro version (base mounting hole type) JVT1/JVT2/JVT3

ZLYGJVT231 Micro version (base mounting hole type) JVT1/JVT2/JVT3

  • structure

The cross-roller table is installed between the high-precision processing work platform and the base, and the BSQ JV-type cross-roller guide rail is installed. It is a small linear motion guide machine with high precision. High rigidity and smooth linear motion can be realized because the displacement without elasticity resists loads in all directions. The limited type cross roller table is divided into two types: JVU and ultra-small JVT. This type of equipment is widely used in office equipment and peripheral machines, various testing instruments, printed circuit board drilling machines and other confidential machines or automatic lathes, tool grinding machines, internal grinding machines, small surface grinding machines and automatic wire cutting machines.

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