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ZLYGG1161 X-dovetail angle measuring slide 40

ZLYGG1161 X-dovetail angle measuring slide 40




Goniometer slides are used to rotate opposite or around a point. The center of rotation is located in the middle of the table, and there is no platform for screening. In this way, the point of rotation is correctly indicated. There are four types of goniometer slides, 40, 60, 80, 100mm. In addition, it has four centers of rotation at different heights, with two orthogonal axes of rotation at the same meeting point. The height of the center of the tabletop is measured from the tabletop. Goniometer slides can be used independently and in combination with other slides. Operates with worm gears and worms and uses precise dovetail slides or crossed roller guides as its mechanism. Angle slides can be adjusted manually or with a hex wrench. Each model has its locking mechanism.

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