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ZLYGCB034 Silicon Carbide Full Ceramic Bearings (Hydrofluoric Acid Resistant)

ZLYGCB034 Silicon Carbide Full Ceramic Bearings (Hydrofluoric Acid Resistant)

Ceramic bearings have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, cold resistance, wear resistance, anti-magnetic and electrical insulation, oil-free self-lubrication, and high speed. It can be used in extremely harsh environments and special working conditions. Due to these characteristics of ceramic bearings, ceramic bearings are widely used in aviation, aerospace, navigation, petroleum, chemical, automotive, metallurgy, electric power, textiles, pumps, medical equipment, scientific research and national defense and military fields.

Full-ceramic bearings refer to bearings made of all-ceramic materials for the rings and rolling elements. There are three types of zirconia (ZrO2), silicon nitride (Si3N4), and silicon carbide (SiC). device.

Compared with several other ceramic materials, silicon carbide ceramics have the following characteristics: the best chemical corrosion resistance, especially the corrosion resistance of hydrofluoric acid; high strength, high hardness, good wear resistance, small friction coefficient, and the highest temperature resistance . Under the same conditions, the durability of silicon carbide under strong acid conditions can reach more than 100 times that of 440 stainless steel bearings.

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