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ZLYGLG051 Ball Type Low Profile Lightweight Series

ZLYGLG051 Ball Type Low Profile Lightweight Series

Low profile and light weight
The simple structure of 2-row 4-point contact realizes ultra-low profile and ultra-light weight, which contributes to the miniaturization of mechanical equipment and contributes to energy saving.
High load capacity and high rigidity
Although it is ultra-low section and ultra-light weight, its downward rated load is the largest among ball-type products. It has high load capacity and high rigidity, which can improve the life and safety of mechanical devices.
Ball Fixation
A steel ball retainer is incorporated in the slide block so that the balls will not come off even if the slide block is removed from the slide rail, making it easy to operate.
Since the lubricating oil in the C-Lube self-lubricating parts can maintain the lubricating performance for a long time, the cumbersome lubrication management man-hours are reduced.

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