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ZLGR394 Paper Frame Pre-Filter

ZLGR394 Paper Frame Pre-Filter

 Zi Lian paper frame folded air filter uses long-term electrostatic filter material, which can have high electrostatic attraction for fine dust for a long time, high collection efficiency, and dust accumulation and dispersion on the surface of the fiber is better than ordinary electrostatic filter materials Comes evenly, so the pressure loss increases slowly, and the service life of the relative filter material is longer than that of other factories.
    The outer frame is made of strong, moisture-resistant cardboard frame. The structure is strong, not collapsed, twisted and deformed. The filter material is fixed diagonally at the front and back, and the metal mesh is bonded to the surface of the air outlet to fix the folding effect and shape of the filter material.
    Commonly used in the first filter of the air conditioning box. Dedicated to precision industries, such as pharmaceuticals, food, electronic semiconductors, IC, research rooms, laboratories, hospitals and other clean room filtration systems.

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