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ZLCRW040 Crossed Roller Way

ZLCRW040 Crossed Roller Way

Solve the problem of cage deflection
The problem of cage deflection is completely solved through the built-in original design rack and pinion mechanism. It can be safely used in applications such as vertical shafts where conventional Crossed Roller Ways are difficult to use. Even at increased work speeds, there is no need to worry about the cage deflecting. There is no need to correct the deflection of the cage for long-term operation.
All installation dimensions are interchangeable.
Adopting our company's original structure of configuring racks inside the track table, the installation dimensions are completely interchangeable with traditional crossed roller linear guides. The external dimensions are the same, not only can be used for new applications, but also the machinery and equipment that have used the conventional Crossed Roller Way can be replaced with the built-in rack and pinion Crossed Roller Way without changing the size.

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